We consult our clients to help them sustainably improve leadership performance of their leaders, to improve their business results and to realise their vision. In projects and workshops we develop for and with clients a company vision, values, leadership principles, KPIs and effective measurement systems for leadership performance. We support our clients throughout, until successful implementation is completed.


Do you have a powerful vision for your business that excites both, your customers and your employees? Or is your vision rather an objective or a strategy? We show you examples of powerful company visions and support you in developing an inspring vision for your company all the way until integration into existing company processes.

Leadership Principles

What is good leadership in your company? What behaviour does a good leader display? Together with you we develop clear leadership principles and support successful implementation in your business.


Values are the long-term DNA, your company’s identity, the invisible band that links all your employees. Values decide the long-term success of your business and whether a new recruit is a good fit and delivers peak performance or not. Together with you we develop clear strong values for your company and support your implementation.

Measuring Leadership Performance

To improve leadership performance, you need to measure and reward it specifically. We show you clear KPIs for leadership performance and support effective integration into your existing processes.


In intensive seminars our participants receive clear, effective tools and tips for immediate implementation. They experience active discussion, group work and highly relevant role plays for immediate increase of their leadership performance.


Delegating, coaching, effective praise and criticism – the programme for leaders


More energy, higher effectiveness, more satisfaction

My Time

More time through better decisions


Tailored Suit

Strengthened confidence, better results, more satisfaction

The Tailored Suit


Set a stimulus in your company or during an event. All talks contain several real life examples from the worlds of business and sports.

  • “Success – and how to ignite it”
  • “Peak performance through excellent leadership”
  • “Marketing that creates value and ignites passion”
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