Stefan Homeister Leadership


  • Whoever leads well and is led well, has more success and fun
  • Who demands performance, needs to offer purpose
  • The capability of motivated employees often far exceeds their confidence
  • Leadership can and must be learned
  • Leadership is achieving exceptional results through motivated people
Stefan Homeister Leadership

Added Value

  • Not just knowledge, but capability
  • Higher performance, higher motivation
  • Better decisions
  • Time saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Strong teamwork, enduring peak performance
  • You acquire and retain top talent

What We Do Differently

Practical Experience Focus

In our consulting-, training- and coaching programmes we not only share knowledge, but practical capability based on 25 years of first hand experience in business and people leadership.


In order to change behaviour humans need repetition of the new behaviour. Therefore, all our consulting- and training programmes include focused pre-work, intensive seminars and workshops and individual follow up work for several months until successful implementation of the desired change in daily life of all participants.


Even if some situations look similar at first glance, the specific client need is always individual. We tailor all our programmes to this individual need.