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Leadership theory is rapidly changing. The leadership performance that was sufficient years ago, no longer serves. In today’s world, a new style of leadership offers a company a competitive advantage.

Good leadership provides orientation, motivation, focus and meaning. It is more a craft than a science. And anyone who wants to lead, and likes people, can learn to lead well – because good leaders are not born, but made.

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LEITWOLF® Leadership Training

Learn to be the successful leader that you would love to work with!

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Tailor-made leadership development

Our bespoke leadership training is a highly effective one-to-one coaching program that further enhances outstanding strengths and neutralises relevant weaknesses.

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In this practical online leadership training you will learn to lead yourself, your employees, your boss and everyone around you to success, and have fun along the way.

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In this podcast I support you to sustainably increase your leadership performance. A Leitwolf sets the direction, but also offers freedom and shows strong emotional and social intelligence.

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A leadership model

Support employees to understand what good leadership means in your company and the benchmarks your leaders are measured against.

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Team effectiveness

In the "Good To Great" program, your team improves its performance and results in a data-driven, structured and targeted way by using our Team Health Index©. To sustainably strengthen trust, an ability to change and cooperation.

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Learn to get as much value as possible from your limited time. Time is your most important, and often your most scarce resource, because it is limited and non-renewable.

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By concretely measuring leadership performance, a leader continues to improve. But it is often easier said than done, because how do you measure your leadership performance?

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Our services



Strategy training

Strategy without action is daydreaming - How do your leaders learn to evaluate a strategy, develop their own strategy, and successfully present and implement it?

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Strategy consulting

In your market, are your customers' needs, your competition or technology changing? Do you need a stronger strategy? We work with you to develop a company-specific strategy and show you how to put it into practice.

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A keynote speaker

Do you want to offer your audience exciting and practical lectures? I would be happy to share my experience, compressed into an exciting, curated presentation at your event.

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