Your pathway to Success

Successful strategies

Successful leadership requires, among other things, a clear strategy that all employees understand, support and implement. Successful strategies contain clear yes/no decisions, have a competitive advantage, and are tightly integrated across all business units.

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Practice Focus

In our consulting, training and coaching programs, we impart, not only knowledge, but practical skills based on many years of practical experience in corporate and employee management.

Sustainable change

To change behavior, a person needs repetitions of the new behavior. That's why, all our programs are designed to last several months: with preparation, intensive workshops and seminars, and individual follow-up work until the change is successfully implemented in the company processes and in the everyday working lives of each employee.


Even if some situations look similar at first, the concrete needs of our customers are always individual. We tailor all our programs to this need.

The leadership experience of Stefan Homeister

A leadership expert with a passion for your success, with many years of practical leadership experience in international blue-chip companies, including 10 years in executive and board positions.


What our customers say

A selection of testimonials from our customers who experienced Strategy so far.
“In Stefan Homeister’s workshops 3 things come together: high competence, passion and sustainability. If you want to irreversibly improve your performance, you can’t get around this man in the best sense.”
Strategy – michael m
Michael Maschke
Head of Production, 4 years after LEITWOLF®.
“Stefan and his team helped us build a new strategic direction for the company for the next 5 years. We are a family owned mid-size business, so to undertake such a task was new and very complex considering that we have never entered into such a process as a team before. The results were far more than we anticipated. Not only did we find an agreed alignment commercially which will see the business flourish but the process empowered the team in such a way we have strengthened the connection between all functions. The program was bespoke to our need to be more process driven whilst ensuring our creative cultural approach was preserved and even enhanced.”
Strategy – Mark Giannandrea
Mark Giannandrea
General Manager – Global Haircare Davines S.p.A
I got to know Stefan as a coach for leadership and strategy. I find his approaches in both of these areas inspiring. Thanks to his support, I was able to successfully overcome many hurdles. Thanks again for the inspiration Stefan Homeister!
Strategy – Tobias Knop
Tobias Knop
CEO Wepro Digital AG - Swiss Signage Company, independent interim manager