Strategy training

Strategy without implementation is daydreaming

Strategy training

Develop, evaluate and implement strategies

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How do your leaders learn to evaluate a strategy, develop their own, and successfully present and execute it?

“Strategy without Implementation is Daydreaming” – a hands-on strategy training that includes:

✓ 2-3 days intensive seminars
✓ 6 months Call to Action campaign
✓ Refresher after 6-12 months

Still daydreaming?

Benefit from my experience in leading more than 12,000 people, and book your non-binding get-to-know-you meeting!

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At a glance

Strategy training

The target group

Managers, all levels, all functions.

The benefit

Strengthened ability to evaluate, develop, present and implement strategy.

The content

Hands-on work in small groups, strategy tools, active presentations.


What our customers say

A selection of testimonials from our customers who experienced Strategy training so far.
“It was really a good experience in this somewhat surreal time! I didn’t expect our strategy workshops to be so intense and productive virtually. Thank you, Stefan Homeister, this was fun and brought ASB GlassFloor another big step forward.”
Strategy training – Frank Huether
Frank Hüther
Managing Director Abacus Alpha after developing new strategy for ASB Glassfloor
I got to know Stefan as a coach for leadership and strategy. I find his approaches in both of these areas inspiring. Thanks to his support, I was able to successfully overcome many hurdles. Thanks again for the inspiration Stefan Homeister!
Strategy training – Tobias Knop
Tobias Knop
CEO Wepro Digital AG - Swiss Signage Company, independent interim manager
“In Stefan Homeister’s workshops 3 things come together: high competence, passion and sustainability. If you want to irreversibly improve your performance, you can’t get around this man in the best sense.”
Strategy training – michael m
Michael Maschke
Head of Production, 4 years after LEITWOLF®.

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