Our team

Our team provides support with management and strategy and guides you through effective change processes. All our customer consultants have at least 15 years of management experience in national and international companies.

Your Stefan Homeister Leadership Partners


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Stefan Homeister
Founder, Owner, Senior Consultant
Our team – ute hagen e1653981588785
Ute Hagen
Senior Consultant, Facilitation, Leadership, Strategy
Our team – Kris Sirchio e1715177898745
Kris Sirchio
Senior Consultant, Leadership
Our team – Andrea Berroth
Andrea Berroth
Consultant, Certified Coach, Leadership
Our team – gerlinde kuehr.1024x1024
Gerlinde Kühr
Senior Consultant, Facilitation, Strategy, Analysis
Our team – Johan van riet e1653981894437
Johan Van Riet
Senior Consultant, Certified Coach, Leadership
Sascha Dornbusch
Senior Consultant, Facilitation, Leadership
Our team – jens starke wuschko
Jens Starke-Wuschko
Senior Consultant, Conceptual Selling - Helping you convince

Operations Team

Our team – tanja homeister quadrat
Tanja Homeister
Office, Communication, Sales
Our team – hannah luecke quadrat
Hannah Lücke
Podcast Master
Our team – marcel santl quadrat
Marcel Santl
Junior Consultant, CRM, Social Media
Our team – christian ketteler
Christian Ketteler
Audio Branding/Podcast
Why trust in Stefan Homeister Leadership?

Years of practical experience and a lasting impact

When you work with us, you feel our practical experience. We know the many facets of leadership at all levels from our own experience. Each of our senior consultants has at least 15 years of their own client-side leadership experience.

So if you’re looking for a lot of deep hands-on experience, in addition to cutting-edge research insights, you’ve come to the right place.

We also believe in sustainability for successful change. We co-create effective, customized programs with you using powerful simple concepts that work.

We also offer highly effective e-learning and virtual coaching as part of our solutions for you.

"Stefan, we asked you around 50 questions in the last 3 days and to each you offered us examples based on personal experience - that really made your points clear. Our compliments to you!"

Do you want to establish good leadership in your business?