Team effectiveness

From Good to Great

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How does a group become a real team?

From Good-to-Great

Increase the effectiveness of your team

Great successes in companies is achieved as a team. But often a team can feel more like a group of lone warriors without a common goal, without trust, without success.

In “Good To Great”, your team improves its performance and results in a data-driven, structured and targeted manner based on our Team Health Index©.

Trust in the ability to change, and cooperation will be strengthened in the long term.

Strengthen your team!

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At a glance

Team effectiveness

The target group

Teams at all levels, especially leadership teams.

The benefit

Sustainably better results.

The content

Data-driven identification of the team's individual strengths and potential, with sustainable implementation over 6-18 months.


What our customers say

A selection of testimonials from our customers who have experienced Team effectiveness so far.
“We clearly deal with each other in a noticeably different way, talk much more with each other instead of about each other, discuss things more objectively and listen more.”
Team effectiveness – meike thai
Meike Thai
SVP People & Culture at Drooms GmbH
If you want to achieve ambitious goals with your team, Stefan Homeister will help you, Increase team spirit, performance and results of your organization. . I have never experienced such a professional and effective leadership consultant as he.
Team effectiveness – christina
Tina Fürst
Head of Global Marketing Gübelin, after a Team Effectiveness project