A leadership model

Support your employees to understand the meaning of good leadership and how your leaders are measured.

A leadership model

Define your successful leadership model


Why formulate a leadership mission statement?

A management mission statement provides all company employees with a framework for their daily actions. When there is a uniform understanding of good leadership in your company, employees can lead well, and feel well led, better helping them to contribute to the company’s success.

With defined leadership principles and leadership competencies, and when the behaviors you want to see in your company are exemplified, then clarity and measurability for your transformation emerges. We are happy to help you define your successful leadership mission statement.

At a glance

A leadership model

The target group

Companies or teams of any size, at any level.

The benefit

A unified vision shared by all team/company members.

The content

Analysis of all data, creation of a common mission statement based on the values of the company, usually within a workshop.


What our customers say

A selection of testimonials from our customers who experienced A leadership model so far.
Thank you, Stefan, for the inspiring sessions on developing our leadership principles, as an organisation. We have aligned the desired culture and behaviours as a team and laid the foundation for excellent business results.
A leadership model – Christian Rahmig
Christian Rahmig
Senior Director - Country Group GM, Zentraleuropa
What I found most valuable in Stefan´s approach is how he is able to balance crystal clear business logic with emotional understanding. Stefan has a unique proposition in his well balanced approach since it is combined with deep understanding and real life experience. I feel privileged to have had this opportunity to develop both myself and my business. Thank you Stefan!
A leadership model – Mattias Carlsson
Mattias Carlsson
Global Digital Marketing Director, Essity