In this podcast I support you to sustainably increase your leadership performance and improve your results.

The LEITWÖLFIN and LEITWOLF are symbols for successful leadership. The lead wolf sets the direction and makes important decisions. However, the lead wolf also gives freedom, shows strong emotional and social skills, and initiates most of the contact in the pack.

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Meet your Host:
Stefan Homeister

Good leadership doubles corporate profit growth.

To get good leaders, companies must take good leadership seriously, measure it, prioritize it and implement it consistently. If a lead wolf cannot lead his pack, the lives of all the wolves in the pack are in danger. Only if a manager leads his employees effectively, he secures the success of the company and the existence of many jobs.

That’s why good leadership is so important. My vision is a world in which every leader takes good leadership seriously and constantly improves it.

In the LEITWOLF® Podcast you will find thought-provoking impulses and experience reports on many leadership and strategy topics. I want to inspire you to new perspectives and support you in becoming a great leader.

I look forward to seeing you.
– Your LEAD WOLF Stefan



In addition to the LEITWOLF® podcast, we also publish written articles on selected topics.

Leading with empathy

If you are the lead wolf and you are responsible for employees, then you want to help others to be successful and have fun. You want to motivate them. Often I get asked: “Stefan, can I motivate employees at all?” And in many cases I think, yes, you can. However, you can only motivate other people – or avoid their

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Leading With Your Ears

In this blog, it’s all about how you replace frustration and stagnation with success and progress by listening well, by leading with your ears. If you want to lead others to maximum performance with fun as a Lead Wolf, then you have to ask good questions and listen really well. When you think of all the leaders you’ve met so

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How to lead well to avoid resignations

Today’s topic is about how you prevent your best employees from quitting. This blog has three parts: In this first part I’ll give you my best tips on how to minimise the risk of a good employee resigning. In part two, I recommend ways for you to retain your staff even if she or he has already resigned. And in

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Leading With Leadership Principles

Today’s blog is about moving from frustration and confusion to confidence and orientation. Strong leadership principles can be very powerful if they are clear, if they fit your business and fit authentically with you as a person. Principles should be focused and simple. One example is Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn. He prefers to work with people who do

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How To Lead My Boss

In the past, leadership was easy – from top to bottom. At the top, decisions were made, and at the bottom, instructions were received for implementation. This antiquated leadership style is no longer successful and no longer appropriate. There is so much information available in our world today that it is almost impossible for any individual to find the best

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First-Time Leader

When you become a leader for the first time and get responsibility for employees, then suddenly a lot changes in your professional life. Until yesterday you were a specialist, as of today, also formally, you are a leader. I remember the moment when I was promoted into my first leadership role. Until yesterday I was Junior Brand Manager with 20

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What our listeners say

A selection of testimonials from the LEITWOLF® podcast.

Superb podcast for anyone who wants to grow as a leader and manager – “I wish I would come across this podcast earlier! Stefan is a great guide on the leadership development journey, very clear and concise, brings in many interesting and seasoned experts to enrich the content, and goes after very relevant topics!”
Xenia O.
via Apple Podcasts · Switzerland · 25/11/21
Bite sized nuggets! – “Very much enjoying these podcasts Stefan – great range of topics which you distil to the essence. Interviews are also well planned and bring to life the theory with real world examples. Keep going!!”
Leadwolf Listener
via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 24/04/21
Practical, logical and useful! – “This is an excellent series, packed with good examples of real life situations, challenges and solutions. I appreciate the way Stefan breaks down problems and offers expert advice for finding solutions. I commend these podcasts to anyone in any company!”
P. Beresford
via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 30/06/21