Accelerating change without burning out – LEITWOLF Learning March 2021

#187 – There is news…

Did you notice anything on my podcast episodes in March?

Yes, exactly! – Our new LEITWOLF music. Because our entire LEITWOLF team doesn’t want to just watch the change or comfortably swim along. We want to lead the change. We want our LEITWOLF podcast to become more and more relevant and valuable to you, while always staying contemporary

And with that, welcome to today’s episode, „Accelerating change without burning out”.

I wish you lots of great insights, LEITWOLF.

And in addition to the new LEITWOLF music, here’s some news to make this podcast even more exciting for you: We have come up with a wide variety of categories for this podcast, which we will now gradually introduce. And today we start with the first category, the LEITWOLF question of the month.

Let yourself be surprised!


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