Consistent focus: What experiences ex-professional ice hockey player Lars Weibel likes to share with you

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In this episode, Stefan talks to one of the most successful and impressive personalities he knows: Ex-professional ice hockey player Lars Weibel.

Lars is a former Swiss ice hockey goalie and current functionary. He was Swiss champion with HC Lugano, won the internationally renowned Spengler Cup twice and was a Swiss national player. Today he is a regular studio guest on “SRF zwei” during the NLA playoffs. As a qualified structural draftsman with a commercial diploma, Lars worked in the private sector until 2014, when he took up a position in the sales and marketing department at EV Zug, where he became head of the youth academy in 2016. In August 2019, he joined the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation as director of national teams.

In this episode, you’ll learn his best tips from years of experience and hear a conversation unlike anything you’ve heard here before on the LEITWOLF Podcast. Planned 40 minutes turned into 90, because Stefan picked up so many inspiring words that we don’t want to deprive you of. I can only recommend: Listen to it in full length!

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