Leadership and Innovation at Google Conversation with Eric Tholomé

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Leadership and innovation at Google?

Stefan has invited Eric Tholomé to talk about this topic. Eric enjoys a tremendous professional career with many years in one of the very few most successful businesses in the world – Google. A Stanford Graduate, Eric had first professional experience at Handspring and Palm. Then Eric spent 15 years at Google, worked in Switzerland, and was the first ever PM at Google promoted to Director outside the US. Eric launched Gmail themes and YouTube internationally in 10 countries. After 2 years at Google in San Francisco, Eric had co-responsibility for the entire Zürich site and started the European Tech Leadership forum as well as an innovation program for more than 5000 engineers. Eric then became CEO of telecommunications company 1&1 for a year, returned to Google, and now plans the next chapter of his accomplished and exciting professional career.

In today’s episode, Eric talks about what inspires him, what a day in his life looks like and his career at Google. What can you learn from him and this big company? Find out in this inspiring interview with Eric himself.


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