Like the sun: The right energy of a leader – LEITWOLF Learnings July 2022

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Numerous studies show that positive energizers produce substantially higher levels of engagement, lower turnover, and enhanced feelings of well-being among employees. This is partly because at the cellular level brain activity is enhanced through exposure to relational energy, hormones are increased, inflammation is reduced and immunity to disease is enhanced. In organizations, superior shareholder returns occur, and in some studies, the results exceeded the industry averages in profitability and productivity by a factor of four or more.

Radiating positive energy to the many people you influence and lead can be the most powerful tool available to you to increase your performance and job satisfaction.

That’s why in the LEITWOLF Learnings July 2022, you’ll learn how to shine like the sun and learn the right energy of a leader.

We look forward to your feedback, your answers to the LEITWOLF Question of the month and wish you a good start into August.

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