Your power or your care What do people feel more strongly?

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Think about the managers in your environment. What do their teams feel more – the power or the care of the manager? And what impact does this have on their self-confidence, productivity, trust and enjoyment of their work?

Today’s episode is inspired by a real client case that Stefan’s team is currently working on. One of the leadership teams, is led by a strong, successful leader with exceptional analytical skills but less empathy. The team leader would like to see more ownership, leadership and solution orientation and appreciation for his care for the team from his direct reports. On the other hand, some of his direct reports are sometimes reluctant to speak up because they feel somewhat intimidated by the power of the team leader. They would like to feel more care than power.

So today Stefan talks about how you as LEITWOLF® can make your team feel what helps them to be more successful. This can sometimes be your power, but much more often it is your care. But how can you do this? Today you’ll get three tips on how to strike a balance between power and care.


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