Brilliant assholes: Watch, develop or kick out?

#253 – What would you do?

Imagine this situation:

“Stefan, don’t you dare present this bullshit idea with this stupid innovation. Over my dead body.” Silence. Dead silence. Stefan is chairing the most important meeting of his year. Many top managers are in the room, Stefan is chairing the meeting. 25 pairs of eyes are glued to him. He answers: “Dear boss, I ask you to listen quietly for 15 minutes and then I will show you why this stupid idea might be the best investment for your next 5 years. Silence again, this time all eyes on his boss. What is he doing now? Freaking out? Yelling? No, he smiles, keeps quiet and listens. This behaviour was not helpful to anyone at that moment. It was disrespectful. But unfortunately, Stefan keeps coming across people who behave like brilliant assholes. Brilliant because extremely good business results and at the same time assholes because they show ZERO respect for other people.

And that’s why today’s title is: Brilliant assholes: Watch, change or kick out?


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