Tell the inconvenient truth, LEITWOLF – LEITWOLF Learnings March 2022

#256 – LEITWOLF Learnings March 2022

Today you’ll hear the first episode in the month of April. That means: It’s time again for the LEITWOLF Learnings of the Month.

“Boss, Mr. Müller, he cut off two other people again yesterday in the meeting. He’s behaving in a really impossible way, don’t you think?”
“Ok. And now what? Have you already talked to Mr. Müller about it?”
“No, I thought I’d discuss it with you first, so you could intervene.”
“Okay, and what do you expect from me? How about you talk to him yourself first?”

Do you know dialogues like this? Where executives complain about third parties but don’t dare talk to them themselves? Uncomfortable truths should not be conveniently avoided but should be faced courageously and calmly. And because Stefan encountered these uncomfortable truths so often in March, that’s exactly what he’s talking about today.

We look forward to your feedback, your answers to the LEITWOLF question of the month and wish you a good start into April.

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