Clarify instead of getting upset: How to save time and nerves! – LEITWOLF Learnings February 2022

#250 – LEITWOLF Learnings February 2022

It’s the beginning of March, which means: It’s time again for the LEITWOLF learnings of the month.

„Oh no! My initiative risks endangering people in the worst case and it risks completely missing our goals as a team next year. And it’s my fault! Ahhh…”

This is roughly how Stefan’s mental cinema went when he developed a multifunctional initiative for the next financial year in a global company more than 30 years ago. In reality, the big problem was a small risk and easy to control.

What could Stefan have done better?

Clarify instead of getting upset. Because getting worked up over every ambiguity costs time and nerves. And with that, a warm welcome to the LEITWOLF Learnings February 2022.

We look forward to your feedback, your answers to the LEITWOLF question of the month and wish you a good start in March.


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