“Why do you do this?” Good questions create value!

#247 – Ask really good questions.

I don’t believe it! Why are you doing this?

Do you also know this from your leadership reality? Your employee does something that makes no sense at all from your perspective. You were firmly convinced that he would finally deliver the long-promised results of a multifunctional project that is very important for your whole company. You have your appointment with him and are looking forward to the results. And then comes the following sentence:

“Yes, dear boss, I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. My part is finished and has turned out well. But the other parts of the project were only half-delivered, sales was late and production was not delivered at all. It’s not my fault, boss.” What now? An outburst of rage and shouting certainly won’t help you. So what can you do?

One possible way is to ask really good questions.
So the topic of todays epsiode is: Good questions create value!

I look forward to your feedback.


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