Just shut up! Why being silent & listening is often the best – LEITWOLF Learnings January 2022

#245 – LEITWOLF Learnings January 2022

Now the first month of the year is over and it’s the beginning of February. But that also means it’s time again for the LEITWOLF learnings of the month.

Do you know this situation? Your boss talks and talks and talks and talks. He seems tense and unhappy about something. But with what? I have no idea. He just talks, without point and comma. And he never stops. Have you ever experienced this?

I am convinced that leading does not mean getting the other person to do exactly what you tell him to do and what you want, but rather helping the other person to do the right thing, in his way. But it is precisely this silence, this shutting up that many people find difficult.

That’s why you get my best tips on the following topic in today’s episode: Just shut up! Why being silent 🤐 & listening is often the best.

I look forward to your feedback, your answers to the LEITWOLF question of the month and I wish you a good start to February.


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