Eat the frog Hard decisions now = easy progress later

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No matter what role you work in, to lead yourself and others to success, you have to take decisions. Decisions can also be difficult and complex.

Making difficult decisions can be a challenging and stressful process that many leaders face frequently. Whether it’s choosing between job offers or applicants, deciding whether to end a working relationship, or buying or selling a business, the difficulty of these decisions can lead to a variety of obstacles and struggles.

One of the primary barriers to making tough decisions is the fear of making the wrong choice. People often worry that they will regret their decision or that it will have negative consequences that they cannot foresee.

However, no matter how difficult the decision, your biggest mistake in doing so can be procrastinating these decisions….

That’s why Stefan encourages you with today’s tips to swallow the bitter pill and make difficult decisions now in order to have easy progress later.


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