Lifelong Learning: The Hallmark of Impactful Leadership – Conversation with Barry Dequanne

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In this interview Stefan talks to Barry Dequanne who is Director of The International School of Zug and Luzern – an independent non profit school in switzerland. Under his leadership, the school was awarded “International school of the year”.

You will learn his definition of good teaching and the conditions under which good learning can take place. Barry also explains why, against the backdrop of artificial intelligence, it is currently a very exciting time to be working in education.

It’s about why it’s so important to help students understand what’s important to them and then support them and mentor and coach them.

Of course, it is also about what good leadership is in Barry’s eyes. He himself leads over 300 people in his organization and more than 1200 students.

Besides all this, you will learn about the wolf analogy he uses to inspire Stefan and how he managed to lead the school through the pandemic.




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